The ASHAIRCARE process

The ASHAIRCARE process is simple and each step is easily achievable to complete the ASHAIRCARE treatment. Our product development teams’ main priority when developing ASHAIRCARE was to make the instructions as clear and straightforward as possible for all salon professionals.

Apply ASHAIRCARE Purifying Cleanser to wet hair with comfortably hot water and work into a rich lather. Rinse and repeat wash leaving on for 3 minutes. Note: It is extremely important that the hair is left squeaky clean, with no residue on the hair.

Do not comb, using your hands, blow dry the hair approximately 60% (almost dry).

Separate the hair into four equal sections and secure with a clip.

Using 1/2 inch sections, apply ASHAIRCARE Reconstructing Treatment (B) to the roots, mid-shaft, and ends. Work the solution through using your fingers, and then use a fine toothcomb to evenly distribute the treatment.

Allow the Treatment to process for 20 minutes. Do not rinse.

Separate the hair into 4 sections. Blow dry with a round brush using tension. Making the entire head of hair smooth.

Section the hair in 4 parts. Using a flat iron, take 1/2 inch sections and swipe (adjust temperature and swipe times depending on hair types). *see below for details.

*Flat Iron Details for Hair Types:

Flat Iron Details for Hair Types: The more swipes used, the straighter the hair will be, depending on hair type below.
The less swipes used, the curlier the hair will remain, depending on hair type below.

  • Frizzy hair: 450 degrees – swipe 4 to 7 times
  • Natural hair: 425 degrees – swipe 4 to 6 times
  • Color treated: 400 degrees – swipe 3 to 5 times
  • Bleached hair: 350 – 375 degrees – swipe 3 to 4 times (Use caution with swipes for overly bleached hair)

After the hair has cooled down, lightly wash using ASHAIRCARE Rejuvenating Shampoo (C). Towel dry.

Apply ASHAIRCARE Nutritional Masque while combing on towel-dried hair from scalp through ends for even distribution. Leave on for 5 -15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Optional: l while masque is processing, allowing the conditioner to penetrate.

Finish as desired. Clients may wash and color their hair at any time without restrictions.