AS HAIR CARE’s Unique Formula

Is from Italian master Fernando Slaibi. Using ingredients of the Amazonian Orchid, along with American cutting edge technology, AS HAIR CARE penetrates the hair cuticles and regenerates the root and the cortex. It allows the hair to have a natural, silky, shiny and healthy appearance by repairing, healing and restructuring the hair.


More different sizes.

All four AS HAIR CARE products with differents sizes 300 ML & 500 ML.

  • (A) Purifying Cleanser
  • (B) Reconstructing Treatment
  • (C) Rejuvenating Shampoo
  • (D) Nutritional Masque

The secret of AS HAIR CARE product !

AS HAIR CARE Hair Treatment Products contain potent ingredients from the Amazonian Orchid that resurrect and repair hair from the cortex to the cuticle. All four steps of the AS HAIR CARE Hair Treatment process miraculously create silky, shiny and healthy hair. AS HAIR CARE Purifying Cleanser unique formula not only cleanses the surface of the hair but opens the hair cuticle.

Before & After results


AS HAIR CARE is the only company in the world that guarantee to straightens the hair up to 6 months with No re growth mark, If applied by a certified AS HAIR CARE hairstylist and aftercare products are used regularly. Every woman’s dream to have healthy, shiny, strong, luminous hair can now become a reality with AS HAIR CARE Hair Resurrection. We bring your hair back to life!
Bring a friend and come in to meet our many hair stylists, color artists, skin care specialists, nail artist, hair removal expert and long hair extension specialist so that we can counsel you on your best look and show you what we can do for you.


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